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Special Exhibits

Wiigwaazii: The Evolving Traditions of Birch Exhibit

Discover the evolution and multitude of uses for birch bark in the new exhibit: “Wiigwaazii” at the Madeline Island Museum. View historic items from the museum’s collections as well as the complex, detailed works of art presented by Pat Kruse and his apprentice, Terri Hom.

For the Anishinaabe, also known as the Ojibwe, the birch tree is the Tree of Life, vital to their survival and their culture. Even the name Ojibwe is thought to come from the word “ozhibii’ige,” meaning “to write,” referring to inscriptions on birch scrolls and books. Used for baskets, homes, transportation, food, and medicine, birch has been deeply rooted in Ojibwe life since time immemorial.

Ojibwa Lodge